Preparing Your House
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    Painting:  Painting gives you the best return for money spent.   Any wall  that
    is dirty or marked  or any rooms that are currently painted in dark colors,
    should be repainted in neutral--offwhite or antique white. This will
    make the room appear larger than it is.

    Clutter: If an item is not necessary for your day-to-day life, box it up and
    store it.  Remove all clutter and unnecessary items from countertops and clean
    all countertops.  

    Closets: Make sure all closets are neat, clean, and organized.
    Remove everything from closet  
    Separate items you removed
    Divide items into bins, A ,Keep Bin B,Throw Away Bin, C.Sell and Donate Bins
    Use closet organizer: Shelves,Specialty Clothes Hangers, Shoe Racks
    Floor:  All carpeting needs to be steam cleaned. Any worn, stained or foul
    smelling carpet should be replaced.
    Click Here for Wood Floor Repair Video by Bob Vilao
    Click here for DIY floor repair and maintenance
    Click here for Carpet Cleaning by HGTV
    Cleaning:  keep furniture at a bare minimum. Cleaning--including dusting,
    washing, and waxing everything --will always make a house more appealing.
    Use the grout saw to remove the old grout and regrout it.
    The first step is to clean out the damaged joints with a grout saw, which is
    available at hardware stores for about $5. The plastic handle of the saw is
    fitted with a steel blade that has either sharp serrated teeth or an abrasive
    carbide grit. Both work well.
    Furniture Replacement by DIY network
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