With Real Estate prices raising at a record breaking pace, many Customers have asked if they
    should move from their existing home or stay and expand.  
    Questions that one should ask themselves should include the following:

    How long do I plan on staying in my home?
    Very important question because it would not make much sense to put alot of improvements in
    your home only to turn around and sell it.  In the short term, it is highly likely that you will not
    recover construction costs associated with any major improvements so it would make sense to
    only add on to the house if you planned on staying for a number of years.

    If you are committed to staying long term than a home improvement may actually be less
    expensive than making a move and paying top dollar with today's prices.

    Can I handle the inconvenience of having workmen in my house?

    Make no mistake about it, there will be considerable inconvenience involved in any improvements that you choose to do as it most certainly will
    interrupt you and your family in their everyday life. From little things like having workers showing up at 8am even on days when you'd prefer to sleep
    late to the noise and mess that is part of the construction process.  The scheduled completion date is always subject to change as work gets

    How much will the renovations improve the quality of my life and my family's life?

    Adding a family room or extending a kitchen could actually create a much improved
    quality of life for you and your family as the additional space creates more room for the
    family to spend valuable time together.  Whether it be in the kitchen while Mom and Dad
    are cooking that the kids can do their homework and spend time or in the new family
    room where everyone can spend time together.

    How much will the renovation increase the value of my home?

    The best person to answer that question is a Realtor who can give you up to the minute
    information about home values in your neighborhood.

    No matter what you ultimately decide, be sure to get at least three estimates on the work that you're planning to do from building contractors and be
    sure that they are familiar  with the Building Code
    in your community as this will give you insight into what's involved.

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